The Temple of Yarn, Ohio

Our Story

Our Mission

We love the Earth, and we know that when we feel our connection to her (for we are always connected, it's just sometimes easy to forget), we are happy in our hearts and peaceful in our minds. We ask nature to inspire us, and sure enough, flowers grow, birds arrive, and the whole land around us glows with beautiful things to see and weave. We take the colors we see, and the passion we feel, and we put it into the cloth, in the hopes that wherever they end up, the user sees what we see, and feels what we feel. Our mission is to create strikingly original and beautiful handmade garments using natural fibers, sustainable practices, and happy, loving crafters, and to spread our clothes, and the message of love and connection that they hold, all over the world. We make sure the clothes are comfortable, so you choose to wear them the most, and long lasting, so that our message can ring out over the years.

Our Origin

The seeds of Greentree Weaving were germinated in the mind of nine year-old Margaret Fischer when she saw a weaving demonstration at a county fair in California. The tree took root when Margaret began Greentree Weaving some ten years later.  She worked out of her home until her weaving took over the house.  Looms dominated every room; the kitchen was her warping station.  Apprentices added to the already congested space.

In 1972, Margaret's home could hold no more.  She opened Greentree's first store and workshop in Eureka, California. After a few years, she needed more room again, so she moved her studio to a barn in Petaluma, California.  In 1987, she relocated to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Then in 1993 Margaret and Greentree Weaving settled in Trinidad, Colorado. As Greentree grew over the years, it expanded from one small workshop to four buildings in the Historic District of Trinidad. 


In the year 2000 Margaret moved Greentree to a stone farm house dating 1832 on Clifton Road near Yellow Springs, Ohio.  The pastures and hayfields support a flock of colored sheep which supply yarns for our Home Grown Wool garments.  Over the years multiple buildings have been raised to support all the aspects of the business. This past year we added solar panels to the roof of the main studio, which we call The Temple of Yarn.


Four dedicated craftspeople create the clothing that features fabric woven on hand looms designed and built by Greentree Weaving. We also have four antique power looms that we are able to weave some of our cloth on.

Greentree Weaving's primary market is juried Renaissance Festivals throughout the United States.  Margaret's wonderful sense of color, simple styling, and quality craftsmanship are a favorite with patrons of the Festivals.

Meet The Team

Margaret Fischer

Owner, Master Weaver

Margaret has been weaving her whole life, and running Greentree Weaving for over 50 years. She lives and runs the company in Xenia, Ohio. Margaret does it all, from designing to weaving, cutting, and sewing. She even comes out to the occasional show to sell her work, although she prefers to stay home and weave while her support team takes care of sales.


Sabine MacWaters

Cutter, Lead Salesperson

Sabine has been creating and selling with Greentree for over twenty years. She cuts the cloth, and is in charge of selling the finished pieces at the festivals we go to. She is also Margaret's best friend, and helps her run the business side of things. Sabine lives with her family in Trinidad, Colorado.

Want to chat with her about the clothes and what we do here? Call 1-800-695-0904 to reach her.

Emily Luking

Master's Apprentice, Media Manager

Emily has been working with Greentree for the past four years, weaving on the power looms, as well as the handlooms. She assists Margaret in whatever needs done, whether thats shepherding, driving the inventory across the country to festivals, or helping design new colors.  She also runs the social media accounts, and built this website. To contact her directly email

Mia Gillespie
(and Bandit)

Seamstress, Online Sales

Mia joined the Greentree team three years ago as a seamstress and salesperson. Bandit also joined three years ago and works a Lead Opossum Chaser. Mia manages the North Carolina festival, works with Sabine at the Arizona festival, and handles shipping and customer service for the online store. To get in touch with Mia, simply fill out the contact form on this website.