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Cloth Gallery

Here you will find photos of swatches of our fabric. Please keep in mind that our cloth evolves over time, as yarns run out and new yarns take their place, the colors and textures may shift slightly. 

Discontinued cloth is available within our already made inventory, although sizes and styles may be limited. This cloth is no longer available to be made into custom garments.

There are two weights of cloth: singles and triples. These words refer to the weight of the weft (horizontal) yarn in the weaving process. Singles fabric is lighterweight, breezier, drapier, and it is what we use for square shawls, shirts, skirts, tunics, and dresses. Triples fabric is thicker, with a denser structure, and can have a heathered look to it. This is the cloth we use for ruanas, jackets, coats, and rectangle shawls.

Singles Weight Cloth

Triples Weight Cloth

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