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This page features our most premium pieces, made from home grown wool, or raw silk. These special fiber types require masterful weaving skills in order to make them excellent, and we have been developing our techniques over 50+ years of weaving to achieve the quality and beauty of these pieces. 

Home grown wool means that we are making this garment from start to finish. The process starts with sunshine, which grows the grass, which feeds the sheep. The sheep make babies, and those babies go on to grow beautiful soft fleeces in the first year of their life. We work to breed our sheep to get achieve softness and certain fleece colors. We shear the sheep in the late spring, then sort, clean, card, and spin that wool into yarn. We have our own yarn mill on the farm, where we are able to do this process. After the yarn is created we beam it into a warp, wind our bobbins, and start the weaving process.

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