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Home grown wool means that we are making this garment from start to finish. The process starts with sunshine, which grows the grass, which feeds the sheep. The sheep make babies, and those babies go on to grow beautiful soft fleeces in the first year of their life. We work to breed our sheep to get achieve softness and certain fleece colors. We shear the sheep in the late spring, then sort, clean, card, and spin that wool into yarn. We have our own yarn mill on the farm, where we are able to do this process. After the yarn is created we beam it into a warp, wind our bobbins, and start the weaving process.


The Ruana embraces you in it's soft cotton comfort and has just enough weight to give you that cozy feeling without being heavy. Everything people love about Greentree Weaving garments is embodied in this classic fashionable piece. The one-size-fits-all flexibility and the unisex design makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the beautiful Ruana.


The brooch shown here is sold separately and available for purchase.



Chocolate Home Grown Wool Fringed Ruana

  • Exchanges only, no refunded returns. Subject to conditions. Return item within 30 days to exchange with a same priced item.

    Cancellations must be requested within twenty four hours of ordering. Email us to request cancellation.

  • When it comes to washing any handmade wool item, its best to act with caution. Wool is never safe from shrinking, and it is heat and agitation that shrink wool. It is best to spot treat it (never use bleach), but if you must wash the whole shawl, either handwash or machine wash cold, gentle. Use a moisturizing shampoo as detergent, or one specifically designed for wools, such as Eucalan. Sometimes I toss a little conditioner in the mix as well. It adds to the softness, can help prevent some shrinking, and makes it smell nice. Block or hang dry.

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