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The Ruana embraces you in it's soft cotton comfort and has just enough weight to give you that cozy feeling without being heavy. Everything people love about Greentree Weaving garments is embodied in this classic fashionable piece. The one-size-fits-all flexibility and the unisex design makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the beautiful Ruana.


This deep color was made to show the night sky, with blues, purples, and blacks, plus a hint of sparkle to mirror the stars. It comes in three different shades: purple, royal blue, and navy blue.


This Ruana comes in two styles: Fringed & Hemmed. Both have roomy hoods attached to get you through any weather.


This Ruana also come in three weft color variations: Navy, Royal Blue, and Purple.


The brooch shown here is sold seperately and available for purchase.

Magic Hour | Ruana