This pocketed version of the collared shirt has a slightly more taylored fit, as it flares out at the hips to make room for your body and the side seam hip pockets. It has a convertable collar than can be worn down and open, or closed at the neck with one of our button brooches for a more formal look. 100% handwoven cotton means its soft, breathable, and moisture wicking. 


We shrink the cloth after weaving, and before sewing, so that all garments are machine wash and dry-able, and won't shrink when you wash them yourselves. We use rolled hems and flat-felled seams to ensure the quality of our clothes. These garments stand the test of time and wear, lasting our customers ten years or more of hearty wear.


Orchard Blossom is part of our Orchard series, inspired by the apple and pear trees growing on our lawn between the house and the studio. In the spring these fruit trees sprout lovely light pink blossoms, and pale green leaves. We get excited about the fruit coming soon, so we wove this color to celebrate our beloved trees. This is an asymmetrical warp, pink on one side, beigey brown in the middle, and green on the other side.


** These items are handmade, and may come out slightly differently than the one in the photograph. **

Orchard Blossom | Collared Shirt with Pockets

  • Our fabrics are woven from 100% cotton and are washed after weaving in hot water and dried in hot dryers to minimize the shrinkage of the finished product. All seams are flat felled for durability and comfort.


    Machine wash warm and use moderate dryer settings, or hang to dry to maximize the garment's lifespan.