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These skirts are one size fits many, with an elastic waistband that can fit 26 in to 42 in around the waist, hip, or anywhere in between. The Short Skirt is about 23 inches in length (they vary slightly), and generally falls somewhere around the knee, depending on your height, where you wear it, etc. This casual little skirt makes a great wardrobe staple. Wear it with your favorite t-shirt, dress it up with a blouse, make it your own! The cotton fabric makes it a great summer choice, as it lets the breeze in, while wicking away sweat.


All skirts are 100% preshrunk handwoven cotton, and are machine wash and dry-able. We use rolled hems and flat-felled seams to ensure the quality of our clothes. These skirts stand the test of time and wear, lasting our customers ten years or more of hearty wear.


The Oxford motif features a grey and tan speckled yarn as the weft, woven into a textured white warp. The color is breezy, timeless, and manages to camouflage any minor stains you create incredibly well. This is the shade of white that wine sloshers, ice cream drippers, and mud wrestlers can wear with ease.

Oxford | Short Skirt

  • We make everything here by hand, and while we have quite a large stock available, sometimes an item you ordered isn't already made, or its still in the process of being completed. Because of the nature of our production line, and the time it takes to make each piece, we ask that you give us at least two months to create your garment. If this is the case we will send you an email letting you know, otherwise you can expect your order in about a week, or however long it takes to ship it.

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