These unisex hats make a wonderful complimentary accessory to any greentree outfit. Wear it like a beret, beanie, or jauntily to the side depending on your style. Just like the rest of our clothes, these hats are 100% cotton, preshrunk, and machine wash and dryable. They are lined with soft, preshrunk quilters cotton. 
See our sizing instructions on this page for help with knowing the right hat band circumference for you.
Purple Martin Hat has a  23 inch hat band.
The Purple Martin is part of our Birds of America series. Their dark blackish-blue feathers have an iridescent sheen that causes them to look purple. We mimic that iridescence by weaving bits of green, and gold into the expanse of black and purple.

Purple Martin | Hat

  • These hats are made from the scraps of our cloaks, and therefore range in size based on the amount of cloth available. To check your hat size, you will need to measure the circumference of your head. Be sure to place the tape measure about where you will be wearing the hat, whether that means directly on top of your head, or tilted back, or to the side. Make sure you don't squeeze your head with the tape while measuring. The number you get will correspond with the hat band number. If the hat band is one inch larger than your head's number, that will fit fine, but two inches or more will be too big.

    If you do not have a soft tape measure for this process, you can use a peice of yarn, a ribbon, a phone charging cord, anything flexible (be creative!), and measure the marked length of that against a ruler or stiff tape measure.