These skirts are one size fits many, with an elastic waistband that can fit 26 in to 42 in around the waist, hip, or anywhere in between. The Three Tiered Skirt is about 33 inches in length (they vary slightly), and generally falls somewhere around the ankle, depending on your height, where you wear it, etc. This casual skirt makes a great everyday wardrobe staple, and is also excellent for costuming. Wear it under one of our tunics to extend the length, or as a prairie skirt with a bohemian blouse. Make it your own! The cotton fabric makes it a great summer choice, as it lets the breeze in, while wicking away sweat.


All skirts are 100% preshrunk handwoven cotton, and are machine wash and dry-able. We use rolled hems and flat-felled seams to ensure the quality of our clothes. These skirts stand the test of time and wear, lasting our customers ten years or more of hearty wear.


Roja Stone | Three Tiered Skirt