This silk chenille ruana embraces you in it's soft comfort and has just enough weight to give you that cozy feeling without being too heavy. Everything people love about Greentree Weaving garments is embodied in this classic fashionable piece.


The Rose in Bloom cloth is part of a limited series of luxury silk chenille masterpieces created by Master Weaver Margaret Fischer. She spent months dyeing the yarns, prepping those yarns for the warp, creating tests, and ultimatley weaving these final garments. A very small number of items resulted from all her work, making this an extremely exclusive line of work. Margaret put a lot of joy and love into the process and the result is a stunningy colored and softly textured item, built to last through the years and ultimately become family heirlooms.



The brooch shown here is sold separately and available for purchase.


Silk Rose in Bloom Fringed Ruana

  • Exchanges only, no refunded returns. Subject to conditions. Return item within 30 days to exchange with a same priced item.

    Cancellations must be requested within twenty four hours of ordering. Email us to request cancellation.

  • This silk is pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

    Machine wash warm with like colors. Tumble dry medium heat.  No dry cleaning, please.

    I wash mine fearlessly with all the other laundry.  The silk is tougher than cotton, and less prone to shrinking.  You'll be so pleased with how well it holds up.