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The Square Shawl is a comfortable, versatile piece of clothing and can be worn on many occasions. Woven of our lighter weight cotton, with fringe on two edges, it has endless style possibilities. We fold ours on the diagonal and drape it over the shoulders for a classic shawl look, or wrap it around the neck for a big luscious scarf look. 


Square shawls are about 50 x 50 inches, with 4 inches of fringe.


Sunrise, sunset is an asymmetrical pattern showing both times of day on oppsisite sides of the warp. The sunrise is pastel, soft, and subdued, while the sunset is hot, vivid, and intense. The asymmetry of this warp allows for it to become double sided when folded on the diagonal. You can wear either side facing out, depending on your style and mood.


This shawl come in two color variations: Blue and Fuchsia.


The brooch shown here is sold separately and available for purchase.

Sunrise Sunset | Square Shawl

  • Our fabrics are woven from 100% cotton and are washed after weaving in hot water and dried in hot dryers to minimize the shrinkage of the finished product. All seams are flat felled for durability and comfort.

    Machine wash warm and use moderate dryer settings, or hang to dry to maximize the garment's lifespan.