This Premium Ruana is woven using chenille yarn, a super fuzzy heavy weight yarn. It is sure to keep you cozy and warm in the winter. Everything people love about Greentree Weaving garments is embodied in this classic fashionable piece. The one-size-fits-all flexibility and the unisex design makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the beautiful Ruana.


Toasted Sunflower is a color inspired by the sunflowers outside our Master Weavers studio in autumn. It is when the leaves go brown and curl in, the seeds drop to sleep in the ground thru winter, and the plant wilts and dies. It is meerly waiting to be reborn in glory the next summer.


This Ruana is available only in the hemmed version.


The brooch shown here is sold seperately and available for purchase.

Toasted Sunflower | Ruana

  • Our fabrics are woven from 100% cotton and are washed after weaving in hot water and dried in hot dryers to minimize the shrinkage of the finished product. All seams are flat felled for durability and comfort.

    Machine wash warm and use moderate dryer settings, or hang to dry to maximize the garment's lifespan.