Our Clothing Sizes

We use seamstress sizing, meaning that we make our sizes based on the actual bodies that we want to fit, rather than a range of arbitrary numbers that you find in most clothing stores. We use letters instead, based around A, which stands for average. 


Here is a general overview of our size range. More specific sizing info can be found on the product page of the garment you are shopping for.

A-- Our smallest size. Roughly the same size as an extra small unisex t-shirt

A- Smaller than average. Roughly the same size as a small unisex t-shirt

A- Long Narrow like the A-, but just as long as the A. Perfect for slender, tall people. Roughly the same size as a small unisex t-shirt

A Average. Roughly the same size as a medium unisex t-shirt

A Long Average width, extra length for tall and/or lanky humans. Roughly the same size as a medium unisex t-shirt

A+ Greater than average. Roughly the same size as a large unisex t-shirt

B Bigger/better than average! Roughly the same size as an xxl t-shirt

B+ Our greatest size. Roughly the same size as an xxxl t-shirt

Custom. No matter your size we can made you something lovely. Custom sizes are not available as readymade items on this website, but you may send us a message telling us what you want, along with your measurements. Because of cloth availability, it is good to choose backup colors in case we are out of what you want, or if we won't be weaving it for another year or two. Some colors take a long time to get back into the rotation. Check the cloth gallery for a list of what we make. 

**We do not do custom style garments, it must be a type of clothing we already make, like a tunic, vest, etc.**

How to Measure Yourself

Chest: Measure under your armpits, around your shoulder blades, and over the fullest/widest part of your chest. Don’t pull the tape measure too hard. Put your arms down before taking the final number

Waist: Measure around your natural waistline. This is the narrow part of your torso, above your navel. Relax and breath out before you measure.

Hips: Stand with feet together and measure the circumference of your hips, making sure to go around the widest part of your hips and butt.

Bicep:  Measure around the widest part of your upper arm. Relax and let your arm hang down by your side. Resist the urge to flex.

Sleeve Length: We measure sleeve length starting at the shoulder seam, but because we sew our shirts with drop shoulders, it works a little differently than normal shirts. Measure from the top of your bicep muscle, down to your wrist. The top of your bicep is the slightly narrow part of your upper arm, around the same level as your armpit. Feel free to go an inch or so past you wrist, but no further than the center of the palm of your hand.

Body Length: We measure the body length of our clothing starting at the armpit of the article of clothing. The best way to get an accurate measurement of this one is to take your favorite t-shirt, (nothing too over sized) and measure it from the armpit seam to the hemline. The reason we ask that you measure your clothes versus yourself is that often the armpits of our clothes fall a bit lower than our actual armpits, and its easier to measure a comparable item, rather than guessing on your body where the clothing will lay.

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