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Our new sizing system reflects the actual measurement of each garment across the chest. To find your size for any garment, measure the circumference of your chest. That number reflects the size of clothing you should be shopping for. Subtract up to two inches for a closer fit, and add up to four inches for a roomy fit.

Another way to find your size is to take a garment you already own and like the fit of(either Greentree or your favorite non clingy t-shirt). Lay it flat, and measure across the chest under the armpit. Multiple that number by two. You now have your garment size. Its easy!

***The Old Info, applicable to arming shirts, collared shirts, jackets, coats, and vests***


We use seamstress sizing, meaning that we make our sizes based on the actual bodies that we want to fit, rather than a range of arbitrary numbers that you find in most clothing stores. We use letters instead, based around A, which stands for average. 


Here is a general overview of our size range. More specific sizing info can be found on the product page of the garment you are shopping for.

A-- Our smallest size. Roughly the same size as an extra small unisex t-shirt

A- Smaller than average. Roughly the same size as a small unisex t-shirt

A- Long Narrow like the A-, but just as long as the A. Perfect for slender, tall people. Roughly the same size as a small unisex t-shirt

A Average. Roughly the same size as a medium unisex t-shirt

A Long Average width, extra length for tall and/or lanky humans. Roughly the same size as a medium unisex t-shirt

A+ Greater than average. Roughly the same size as a large unisex t-shirt

B Bigger/better than average! Roughly the same size as an xxl t-shirt

B+ Our greatest size. Roughly the same size as an xxxl t-shirt

Custom. No matter your size we can made you something lovely. Custom sizes are not available as readymade items on this website, but you may send us a message telling us what you want, along with your measurements. Because of cloth availability, it is good to choose backup colors in case we are out of what you want, or if we won't be weaving it for another year or two. Some colors take a long time to get back into the rotation. Check the cloth gallery for a list of what we make. 

**We do not do custom style garments, it must be a type of clothing we already make, like a tunic, vest, etc.**

Things are changing!

Covid shutting down our in person sales has invited us to rethink the way we do e v e r y t h i n g, including our sizing system. Check our the new system below. NOTE: this info currently applies only to tunics and bias cut tops. Everything else is still on the old sizing system for now. Scroll down to access that info. Thanks!

How to Measure Yourself

Chest: Measure under your armpits, around your shoulder blades, and over the fullest/widest part of your chest. Don’t pull the tape measure too hard. Put your arms down, relax and breath out before you measure.

Waist: Measure around your natural waistline. This is the narrowest part of your torso, usually above your navel. It is not where most modern pant waistlines usually lie. Relax and breath out before you measure. 

Hips: Measure the circumference of your hips, making sure to go around the widest part of your hips and butt.

Bicep:  Measure around the widest part of your upper arm. Relax and let your arm hang down by your side. Resist the urge to flex.

Sleeve Length: Start at the base of the CENTER BACK of your neck (the bone at the nape of the neck.) With your arm to your side and slightly bent at the elbow, measure to your desired finished cuff hem. Feel free to go an inch or so past your wrist, but no further than the center of the palm of your hand. Ideally you want it to hit between your wrist and bottom thumb joint, usually the widest part of your hand. You may also want to measure with your arm fully extended in front of you and compare the two measurements. If one is longer than the other, go with the longest of the two.

Body Length: For the first measurement: Start at the top of your shoulder, between your neck and end of shoulder. Measure down, over the fullest part of your chest/bust, to the desired hem length. For the second measurement: Start just below your armpit down your side to desired hem length.

How to Measure Your Existing Garment

If you have something that we made that you LOVE! but you want it in another color then we will need the following measurements from you in order to duplicate that garment.

Info coming soon, this page is under construction.

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